Winged Waltz | 2016

Track listing

1. swarm ~ 2. sleepless sun ~ 3. reckless abandon
4. a question ignite ~ 5. nursed by the cold ~ 6. lost in rapture ~
7. perilous ~ 8. coffins of november

Album info

Produced by Sverker Widgren and October Tide at Wing Studios. Music by Fredrik Norrman, arrangements by October Tide. Lyrics on Swarm, Sleepless Sun, Reckless Abandon, Lost in Rapture and Perilous by Laurence Jonathan. Lyrics on A Question Ignite and Nursed By the Cold by Mathias Back. Lyrics on Coffins of November by Juha Raivio. Album art by Albin Högbom and Vlada Hladkova. Photo by Eva Lammi. Layout by P
Artwork by Johannes Nordqvist Högbom
Layout design by Kontamination Design

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